Leaking rain gutters damage home’s foundation.

Rain gutter cleaning is very important for a home’s foundation. Heavy rains and snowstorms occur all around the world. Predictions by local weather sources can be inaccurate at times. Despite the level and type of precipitation in your area gutters attached to your home should flow the water without leaking and overflowing. Therefore, it is […]

Which home type should I choose?

When purchasing a new property it is very important that a buyer understands the costs related to maintaining the house. Some structural layouts are cost-effective while others may feel like a hole in your pocket. Personally, I prefer colonial and ranch homes over anything else that’s available in metro New York area. These two styles […]

Great parks in Nassau county

A lot of people especially new buyers ask the question about why move to Long Island, NY specifically, Nassau County? I simply tell them to get a pen and paper so they can write down a long list of reasons which I can provide & then scratch out anything which they would not want. Number one reason is that […]